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About the Guild

The Guild was formed in 1982 when a small group of journalists got together with the objective of creating a professional body that would be recognised by the industry. Since then the Guild has flourished and has become home to many well known names.

Today the Guild acts as an important link between the industry and its writers. Its standing can be judged by the fact that many key companies support us through our Friend sponsorship scheme. This sponsorship enables the Guild to host various events during the year, all of which provide excellent networking opportunities.

The Guild is home to journalists from all areas of the industry including camping, caravans, motorhomes, and holiday and residential park homes.

Members of the Guild are true professionals and include writers, broadcasters, photographers, editors and publishers.

Douglas King Award for journalism

The deadline for entries for the 2016 award is 31st August 2016.
£1000 will be given for the best entry.

Video workshop

The Guild's 2016 video workshop is being held over three days in September.
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The Guild is an ardent supporter of the industry's
Freedom to Go Campaign