Travel Insurance

The Guild has negotiated combined business travel & personal accident insurance for all full members, their wives, partners and children in the event of their being taken ill or having a medical emergency when on a business trip both in the UK plus up to two occasions when abroad in any one year. It also covers the member in the event of him/her adding a holiday onto the end of the business trip. Importantly, it does not cover motor accident damage and vehicle recovery.

This benefit is at no cost to members. Should you ever need to make a claim against the policy you will be asked for proof that you are working for a recognised publication. A letter from the editor or a commissioning form should suffice. Please note also that the policy only applies to you whilst working for caravan publications. It would not, for example, apply if you were working for a gardening magazine.

To the right is a PDF of the document received from our insurance agent, PIB. The policy is underwritten by AIG Europe Limited (UK). The policy no. is: 0010625836.

Members on tour in Germany

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