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July 2020
S21 Highlights: Adria New Generation Adora

Adria launches its new generation caravan – in the shape of the new Adora caravan, our best-selling caravan range completely re-designed and upgraded for the new season, signalling a strong future for the brand.


Adria has taken the best-selling caravan model and taken it to the next level, with all- new generation design, inside and out. With the new Adora, Adria took what they learnt from the new Astella and created an outstanding new caravan. Adria have improved the comfort, practicality, technology and performance of the Adora, which boasts the largest in-line panoramic window available and is also the most aero- dynamic caravan you can buy’.

The new generation Adora is created by five stories. Inspired design, inside and out, with a clean new Adria silhouette and flowing living spaces inside. Adria took Adora signature features, such as the extra-large panoramic window and improved them as well as adding features like the new wind-diffusers, which help towing. Inside Adora brings contemporary living spaces and a home-style feeling for a unique premium caravan experience. Adria also added inspired new solutions including details of the new kitchen and bathroom and you can now have Adria smart application – Adria MACH, for an easier way of life.

The Adora development story. The new Adora development started at the same time as the ground-breaking Astella, with many of the same team of designers and engineers. This meant shared learning and best practices and many details from the Astella brought into the Adora project and you’ll see a new design language, in exterior profiles, many small details and inside in terms of large flowing living spaces and forms.


The new generation Adora, Adria’s best-selling caravan just got even better.

The most aerodynamic caravan now available, with all-new exterior shape, with in- line extra-large panoramic window, integrated lighting, storage and awning profile. Inside, feel inspired and at home in the classically elegant interior with new designer kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and atrium-style living spaces.

Adora offers 4 layouts for season 2021.

Our Adora line up continues with existing layouts the Isonzo, Seine and a 6 berth Sava with an additional central bed layout the Tiber, which is in development and will be launched later in the season.

The new Adora has been created with five stories guiding its development.


Adria’s designers took inspiration from the award-winning Adria Astella to bring a new exterior design for this new generation caravan.

‘’You’ll see the design direction from the ground-breaking Astella, with really clean lines, automotive apperance and the rear wall with integrated new full LED multifunctional light. It has an elegant new front shape with even bigger panorama and innovative new aerodynamic aids, including wind diffusers for improved towing efficiency. Inside out full of smart and home-like features. Designed to fully enjoy your holidays.’’ – Erna Povh – Adria Caravan Product Manager.


  • New exterior design, with integrated features and more usable interior volumes.
  • New extra-large in-line panoramic for atrium-style living, on most layouts.
  • Large flowing living spaces for comfortable living, with elegant interiors.
  • Easy access with integrated storage.2. ADORA SIGNATURE FEATURES

    Adria’s designers took the best of the Adora’s signature features and improved them. New in-line Panoramic Window

    Adora has always offered the largest panoramic window available in any caravan and the new in-line design is larger and brings incredible light and the feeling of space to the interior for true ‘atrium-style living’. Includes integrated shading and ventilation features for total comfort. Featured on most layouts.

    New LED Lights

    New design full LED multifunctional rear lights for automotive style and functionality.

    New Aerodynamic Wind Diffusers

    This innovative feature, aids wind diffusion and is based on learning from the Astella. Designed with our aerospace partners, they look stylish and help towing efficiency.

    Adria MACH

    Adria’s remote smart control app. which controls all major functions from a smart phone, monitors and predicts energy and water usage, provides navigation and POI data and Mobile Office functions.

    New Exterior Graphics

    The new Adora has new automotive style graphics, with familiar Adria lines.

Performance Chassis

AL-KO Chassis for secure and stable towing, with AKS stabiliser coupling and optional ATC trailer control system.


The new generation brings a feeling of home with elegant interiors with bigger spaces, new softer, more integrated forms and a special home-style ambiance


  • Elegant interior with large flowing living spaces and contemporary chic décor.
  • New lighting system for controllable ambiance in all living spaces.
  • Atrium-style living with extra-large panoramic window on most layouts.
  • New sound system with hidden speakers.
  • Organized storage throughout with dedicated spaces for personal items.
  • Heating by Alde for all year-round comfort.Adora offers 2 choices of textile (Misty Rose and Stone Island)


    The Adora’s inspired living spaces means everything is designed around the way you want to live.

    Living Room

    The largest panoramic window now available means ‘atrium-style’ living, with great natural light and controllable shading and ventilation. The comfortable new seating and dinette design offers improved comfort and flexible living space. Easier bed set up and under dinette storage. A durable, light weight put away table and even head rests for extra daytime comfort.


    Home-style kitchen design is inspired by the best home kitchens. More worktop space, more storage including capacious split drawers and the best appliances. Everything in the right place and built to the highest quality.


    New bedroom designs, with all formats of bed, each with higher beds and Evopore ® mattresses for extra comfort. Controllable lighting ambiance and plenty of storage.


    New bathroom featuring extra space, new lighting and innovative storage.


Everything has been reviewed and improved, with innovative new solutions for inspired living and maximum permitted weight loading as standard.


New digital controller and a range of multimedia entertainment solutions including new high-quality sound system with hidden speakers, Bluetooth ® amplifier, TV point and holder, and multiple USB ports in the living room and bedroom.


Large volume and optimised storage. Easy access gas storage outside and inside there’s large volume concave design cupboards. Large wardrobe design and multi- purpose kitchen storage, including large capacity drawers and utensils track. Bathroom storage for personal items, including innovative, optional removable storage solution.


Adria’s premium caravan range, for all year-round use, with new graphics and with improvements to the Ergo bathroom and water installations. A best-seller with its combination of eye-catching design, large panoramic window, contemporary spacious interiors, high specifications and new soft furnishings.

Alpina offers Adria MACH smart control app as an option. Available in two 4 berth layouts, the Colorado and Mississippi. ACTION. LOVE THE NEW ORIGINAL.

The Action, the original iconic, light-weight and stylish caravan for active holidays with new graphics. A caravan which always puts a smile on your face and delivers on space, features and comfort. Contemporary interior with smart kitchen, ergo bathroom and comfortable sleeping and new adaptation of the rear wall for bicycle rack.

Available in one 2 berth layout, the 361 LT.


The Altea, a comfortable, practical caravan for a lighter, brighter and a more fun experience, now with new graphics. Contemporary interior with practical layouts, innovative features, improved lighting and storage, better comfort and more practicality. A choice of soft furnishings and equipment.

Available in existing layouts, the Aire, Tyne, Avon and Dart offering from 2 – 6 berths.