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Norfolk a ‘knock out’ for writers

Guild Chairman Nigel Rosser hailed the Guild’s 30 year celebration event in Norfolk an ‘unqualified success’. The 3 day event was centred on a campsite near Hanworth in north Norfolk with some 27 people taking part. The first day was taken up with a visit to the charming How Hill country house and estate. It’s run by a trust that aims to improve public education about the Broadlands. Children are catered for by special residential courses. For many the highlight was a trip on the Electric Eel, sponsored by the Broads Authority, a small boat capable of navigating the shallow reed beds where much of the wildlife can be found. The day ended with a communal BBQ where everyone contributed.

The second day saw us taking a sail on the ‘Albion’, the last working Wherry in the broads. It was an experience not to be missed with several participants having a go at working the sails and steering the boat. In the evening we were hosted by a lovely old fashioned pub, the Alby Horse Shoes Inn, which pulled out all the stops to give everyone a hearty meal. The pub is home to an old game called ‘ringing the bull’ where participants have to launch a metal ring on the end of a string anchored to the ceiling and get it to land on a bull’s horn mounted on the wall. The ladies in the party trounced the men, some of whom lacked the necessary finesse.

The final day saw us take a ride on the North Norfolk Railway, better known as the ‘Poppy Line’. We were hauled by a steam engine and served a light lunch as the coastal scenery slipped by. The journey to the railway and back was turned into an interesting and informative tour of North Norfolk by our excellent coach driver from Maretts Chariots who, despite being a Cockney, knew the area well.

The event ended with a finale meal in Delia Smith’s restaurant at Norwich Football Club. We were joined by several friend sponsors and local dignitaries, included Dr Stephen Johnson, Chairman of the Broads Authority, Hilary Franzen, Press Officer for the Broads Authority and Simon Partridge, Director of the How Hill Trust.

The event was the penultimate celebration of the Guild’s 30th birthday year. The final event will be an industry dinner at Stonebridge Golf Club in Meriden, during the NEC national show.


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